Bringing accurate diagnosis and validity to treatment choice in the clinic.

We have been undertaking further training in Ultrasonography (US) for two years now and have been trialling many different scanners. We have opted for the new generation mobile, hand held US scanner from Clarius.

The skill is in the interpretation of the imagery gained from the scanner and this takes much skill and expertise. This scanner can aid in US guided injections performed in the clinic or to help diagnosis tendon and muscle tears and so on. US does not replace MRI or Xray scanning. It is simply another form of imagery that can assist in diagnosis and treatment options.

US can also confirm that a treatment plan is working through your plan. We can add validity to the treatment you are receiving which in turn improves your confidence in our ability to help you get better!


We provide ‘Hands On’ physiotherapy using the assistance of Acupuncture, Ultrasound, Shockwave Therapy and Exercise Therapy
using the software such as rehabmypatient.